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SWN 2nite: D of E album, some Chiptune stuff

FINALLY, after 2 weeks of undue delays, I'll be streaming tonight, and tonight's theme is...

Stuff from CGE 2K10!

Basically, since Descendants Of Erdrick (the video game cover band I play bass for) was invited to play at CGE, we got an opportunity not only to play for a whole bunch of nerds who seemed to like us ok, we also got to meet and share the stage (rather, the corner of the floor) with some really cool chiptune artists:

8BitWeapon, who has been doing chiptune since the 90's
ComputeHer, his wife who is doing the same
Crashfaster, who unfortunately won't be featured tonight because I lost his album in one of my many recent windows crashes (appropriate name, huh?)

...any my favorite of the lot, Bud Melvin, who combines Chiptune with banjo playing and dark, folky songs about death and stuff.

Also I'll be spinning the Descendants Of Erdrick album, "Down Right Heavy", in its entirety, for you all to enjoy and/or mock and ridicule. Fun times!

Now I just have to figure out how to re-install and use all this Shoutcast stuff again...
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