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Hip Hop Soundwave Night: Jneiro Jarel (10-6-10)

Uploaded to the FTP, here's my second installment of hip-hop themed soundwaves. This SWN focuses on the music of one of my personal favorite producers, Jneiro Jarel. What I like about Jneiro's music is how positive he maintains it -- he's not rapping about bitches and hoes, thug life, or anything that hip hop usually gets pigeonholed with. He looks for the silver lining in life, and trying to change things for the better. For someone who's been in the industry for about 20 years, it's really uplifting to hear coming from him.

Here's a nice brief description from Wikipedia:

Jneiro Jarel (born Omar Jarel Gilyard) is a Los Angeles-based music producer. For over a decade he has provided listeners with an eclectic mix of sounds ranging from hip hop, to electronica, to electro-pop, to Brazilian funk, to bass music. Noted for his abstract style, he is also known for his beat-making alias Dr. Who Dat? and his group Shape of Broad Minds who've shared the stage with Jay-z to Radiohead . With more monikers than Kool Keith, his collaborations and producer credits are almost too many to mention. Highlights include works with Khujo Goodie (as Willie Isz), MF Doom, TV on the Radio, David Andrew Sitek and many more.

Up next: My next go-round is due around the holidays, that time of year when Soundwave nights become rather sporadic. Hopefully you all will be able to stick around for a rather festive setlist I am cooking up.
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