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Soundwave Night 6/9/10 - The Randomizer

random image found randomly GISing randomizer

Finally got around to uploading this.

I thought I'd try something a bit different with this theme: loading up my entire music collection that I have on MP3, and then simply hit the "shuffle" button and see what comes up. That way it'd be just as much of a surprise as to what played as it was to everyone else listening in.

I also made sure not to ever skip around once a song was selected. We would have to listen to whatever came up, for better or for worse.

This did require a bit of preparation. I took out songs that were 10+ minutes long, and tried to minimize any duplicates. With my large hip hop collection, there were a lot of acapellas and I tried to get rid of all those in advance too (note: I failed as one acapella did play during the set).

The final playlist: 9,566 songs totalling 2 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes.

There was a chance for something from a previous SWN to appear, but I believe in the end that did not happen. There was also a chance that a planned future SWN would get spoiled, and indeed that did happen as a couple of Christmas songs popped up, giving people a taste of the horrors I plan to inflict later this year.

But most importantly (for me anyways), I wanted to see if anything would come up that would inspire me for any future playlists. This did happen when several songs by various Monsta Island Czars appeared (tracks 10, 16, 25, and 35). I think I may do a Sugar Plant SWN as well, simply because the Randomizer chose their absolute worst, most horrible song ever and I really want people to realize they are a much better band than their selection here.

Enjoy this portrait of my musical taste, warts and all.
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