Internet Tough Guy (ballzapalooza) wrote in soundwave_music,
Internet Tough Guy

Hip Hop Soundwave Night #1: Monsta Island Czars (8-4-10)

Oops I forgot to upload this and then I went on vacation.

Here it is, the first in my series of hip-hop themed Soundwaves. This theme is probably the grittiest, dirtiest, most underground sounding of my selections, and Dave was correct to compare it to Wu Tang's NYC style of rapping (which makes sense, as MIC is from New York).

The Monsta Island Czars is/was a group of New York City rappers who took on the personas of well, monsters from Godzilla movies. The most famous member of this group is MF Doom, who mostly worked the beats under the guise of King Geedorah.

They had an album out in the early 2000s, then had a falling out with Doom and the band more or less fell apart. But a lot of the members continued to put out solo projects under their MIC monickers. I'm not too clear on details, but apparently Doom took all of the band's money and skipped out of town. Needless to say, most of the band members didn't take too kindly to it, and thus began a several year beef between the two, complete with dis songs and death threats (none of which I bothered including in the set list).

Anyways, this set is now available on the FTP, so feel free to check it out if you missed it originally. Not sure if I'll have time to get my next hip hop SWN ready for my next turn, but I got some great stuff planned ahead.
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